We give talent a chance and are proud to guide our people in their personal and professional development and growth. We welcome everyone who wants to work hard and make their dreams of a career come true.

Social responsibility has long been a part of our values and goals. We help in several spheres of society and we do not forget about the environment and sustainable business. We know that we can only live in the environment we wish to, by taking such an approach.

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Social responsibility

We actively look for opportunities to help. Depending on the situation, we contribute human resources, material or financial assistance. Read more about our projects.

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We consider ecology a crucial topic due to the complexity of all CPI Hotels operations. You’ll find bulk dispensers for toiletries in the rooms, and a minimum of printed materials and conventional plastic packaging. We also encourage guests to become involved. We are supporters of recycling efforts as well as water conservation and electricity efficiency measures. Some of our hotels establish composting facilities and keep bees on their roofs to supply your honey at breakfast. We’re constantly expanding to include additional hotels and ideas. We are pleased that you’re a part of that effort as well and thank you!

O kapku lepší check⁠-⁠out

Kapka naděje (“Drop of Hope”) is a local charity focusing on seriously ill children. The primary focus is on 4 different ways to help the children themselves and their parents. This specifically includes purchasing medical equipment, providing psychological and social care, supporting scientific research and the blood donor registry. You can join us in providing help. Simply donate €1 during check⁠-⁠out at reception. For some a small amount, for others a big help.


Every child deserves a chance. This is especially true for children with special needs, socially disadvantaged children, children in foster care facilities or those who are seriously ill. The people at Chance4Children focus on supporting disadvantaged children and thereby eliminate the above⁠-⁠mentioned handicaps. The Clarion Congress Hotel Prague supports C4C's efforts by donating experiences. Every year, a group of children from a children's home has the opportunity to make their own cake or other sweets under expert supervision.


To be someone's light in the dark. This is exactly what the Světluška (“Firefly”) project, which is part of the Czech Radio Endowment Fund, is striving for. It focuses on helping people with severe visual impairments. Thanks to various projects, it helps those who cannot not see the world around them, while acquainting the public with the real⁠-⁠life experiences of visually impaired adults and children, thus contributing to a better understanding of each other.

It is a great honour for us to help the Firefly project find a way to light someone's day and life. We regularly provide the accommodation to support the project.

Primary School for the Visually Impaired, Zachariášova 5

Children with visual impairments do not see the world like most children, but they still laugh, rejoice and discover. They want to learn, have friends, climb on climbing frames and spin on a merry⁠-⁠go⁠-⁠round. They just need a little more help. That is the mission of the Primary School for the Visually Impaired, the only one of its kind in the South Bohemia Region.

Do you remember the costume you wanted to wear to school for carnival? Was it a princess, a garbage man, an elf, or did you want to go as mum or dad? Children have endless imagination. We are happy to regularly host the children's carnival for the Zachariášova Primary School at our hotel.


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